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Additional Services

There is more to restoring your home to pre-disaster condition. Before restoration can begin, existing items need to be moved, and often restored themselves. From soaked couch cushions to damaged bookshelves, Topline Restoration offers additional services to get your items back to you in pre-disaster condition.

Our restoration experts are committed and meticulous when it comes to contents pack out and restoration. We inventory each item removed from your property, including the state and location of the item. Once everything is packed away, we move the items to our facility for safekeeping and restoration.


Services We Offer

    Pack-Out & Storage

    Our experts inventory, pack, transport, and store your items in a climate-controlled secure facility. We also note any damage, and verify that your items are intact when we return them after restoring your space.

    Storage Services

    Storage is not only about items awaiting restoration or return after home restoration. We offer secure climate controlled storage solutions for any reason. Moving overseas? We’ll keep your posessions safe until you’re ready for them, or return home.

    Dry Cleaning

    We take the time to properly dry clean and deodorize any items that have been damaged. Even if you choose to not store them while we restore your home, we can provide proper cleaning and deodorizing for your clothes and items.